Code Red for Wcry, Do the Cyber Essentials

1 minute read

Those of us who remember Code Red back in 2001, that worm spread around the internet in around 14 hours. That was an early demonstration to how important it is to keep systems updated. The recent worldwide ransom-ware outbreak that impacted organisations such as the NHS (12/05/17) Wanna Decryptor uses a recently released NSA exploit in the Microsoft Windows operating system to propagate. Microsoft patched this exploit back in March (MS17-10) a month before it was made public giving business's and users time to protect themselves.

Patching is the most important thing you can do to protect your systems. Cyber Essentials requires that organisations apply critical or high risk security updates are installed within 14 days from release.

Cyber Awareness by staff is also a critical factor links in email are still one of the most effective ways to penetrate a system. Training staff is important as is regular refresher updates to that they stay alert.

Backup Backup Backup remember the 321 rule, 3 copies, 2 different types of media and 1 off site. A backup is not a backup if it is not regularly tested to make sure you can restore from it.

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