Cyber Essentials Price Increase 2022

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Cyber Essentials Price Increase

NCSC and IASME published on the 16th that they are moving to a tiered pricing structure based on employee count. The cost for Cyber Essentials (basic) has not changed for 7 years since the scheme was first introduced.

“While micro businesses and organisations will continue to pay the current £300 assessment charge, small, medium and large organisations will pay a little more, on a sliding scale that aims to better reflect the complexity involved in assessing larger organisations. Currently, all assessments are charged at £300. However, the bigger and more complex the organisation, the longer it takes to review and feedback on the assessment.”

From the 24th January, 2022 new basic assessments will use the new structure - which adopts the internationally recognised definition for micro, small, medium and large enterprises - is shown in the table:

Size Cost
Micro organisations (0-9 employees) £300 +VAT
Small organisations (10-49 employees) £400 +VAT
Medium organisations (50-249 employees) £450 +VAT
Large organisations (250+ employees) £500 +VAT

For most of customers, this will mean an increase in cost for the basic. For those on the monthly/quarterly plan, we will be sucking up those increases as we have a contract in place, but next year the price will increase to reflect the new cost.

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