Windows 10 1607 not supported after 10th April 2018

1 minute read

As mentioned in a previous post, Microsoft's support model has changed in Windows 10. Most customers are on an 18 Month supported version window. The next version to be out of support is 1607. This was a surprise to a recent Cyber Essentials Plus customer and seems to have missed the IT provider also.

The 1607 release won’t just stop working, but it won’t get updates of any kind after 10th April 2018. This is all part of Microsoft’s grand “Windows as a Service” plan. No updates is one way of getting users to move to a more recent release. From 9th May you will need to be on 1703 or later to get security fixes and updates; so plan, test and update now. Related to this if you are running Windows 7 you have until 14th January 2020.

How to check what version of Windows you are using

  • Go to Start, enter About your PC, and then select About your PC.
  • Look under PC for Edition to find out which version and edition of Windows that your PC is running.

If you have a Cyber Essentials certificate or are planning to get it (Speak to us for more information) and are running Windows 10 1607 you will not be able to gain that certification as you will be using an unsupported operating system.

Details of Windows 10 release information on Technet and the life cycle.