COVID-19 Operating Policy Update

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Update Certification Audits and Assessments. Update

During this unprecedented time we wanted to update you on how we’re approaching the situation and how this affects your certifications such as Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Governance.

To support both you and us, we have now moved ALL auditing activities to remote audits permanently. This means that if you have an audit due it will now be conducted remotely. Onsite audits will now only be conducted in exceptional situations and will only be offered where remote solutions are not practical.

We do already offer this as an option to customers who are on at least their second year audits but this will now be extended to all new clients.

What to expect.

Your Assessor will contact you a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your audit to discuss the logistics for your audit and explain the process. This will in most cases require a VPN account creating to access your company network or software agents deploying to devices in scope.

There may be elements of your audit that we are simply unable to complete remotely. If this is the case, your Assessor will inform you of the next steps and how we will ensure the integrity and maintenance of your certification.

This policy supersedes all previous.

Stay safe, be well and make sure to wash your hands. Policy Issued 20/3/2020 updated 04/11/2020