NCSC 2021 Annual Review

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NCSC 2021 Annual Review

Our National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has released its Annual Review 2021, which focuses on its response to evolving and challenging cyber threats.

Very worthwhile read, some interesting takeaways

  • COVID “has broadened the surface area for attacks and has often made cyber security more challenging for organisations.”
  • Microsoft Exchange Servers were being actively exploited, with at least 30,000 organisations reportedly compromised in the US alone.
  • Ransomware became the most significant cyber threat facing the UK this year.”NCSC observed the evolving model of criminals exfiltrating data before encrypting victim networks; data which they then threatened to leak unless the ransom was paid (known as double extortion).”
  • NCSC provides a range of free cyber security tools and services to eligible organisations as part of the Active Cyber Defence (ACD) programme. We have been actively promoting this that clients take advantage of, especially the early warning service.
  • This year 24,806 Cyber Essentials certifications were awarded, including 4,591 organisations achieving Cyber Essentials Plus status. This is a great start and building year on year. We at Baigent’s have seen a 12% increase over 2020 already.

Stay safe, be well and make sure to wash your hands.

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