Flash will be EOL by the newyear.

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Flash will be end of life 31st December 2020

It’s been with us for over 20 years and a pain point in IT support and security for almost as long. Adboe will no longer be updating Flash from 31st December, will you notice.

Microsft and Google have been bundling versions of flash with thier operating systems and broswer for a few years now so there hasn’t been much of a reason to install it from Adobe anyway. Missing flash updates have always been an issue with Cyber Essentials plus audits and vulnerabiliy assements. However there are still many sites and device software utilites that use flash so these will need to be replaced or updated. You should check with your manufaturers for updated software, you should be doing this as part of Cyber Essentials anyway.

RIP Flash I will not miss you!

Image from xkcd