2 Versions of Windows 10 about to go end of life.

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Windows 10 1803 1809 will be end of support this year (2020)

The ever moving target that is Windows as a service is about to end of life (eol) 2 versions of Windows 10 in the next few months for SME and home users.

  • Windows 10 1809 (Home/Pro) In November (10/11/2020)
  • Windows 10 1903 (Home/Pro) In December (8/12/2020)

COVID 19 had delayed the eol of 1809 Microsoft Post. Over the last 6 months or so, many devices may not have been upgraded due to lockdown and remote working. We have seen this in recent Cyber Essentials audits, a good number of companies are still running 1809 or 1903. IT teams should review their assets and ensure that those devices still on these versions are updated in time.

Windows 10 versions rats nest
Supported and Unsupported Versions of Windows 10 Home, Pro, Mobile, Enterprise, Education (As at 28/8/2020)